For a less competitive and less graphic interactive dark ride experience, there’s the boardwalks’s Den of Lost Thieves, installed by Sally Corporation of Jacksonville, Florida.
This 14-scene ride takes visitors on a wild chase through a band of
pirates’ secret island in search of hidden treasure.
Designed for the young at heart, the targets are mostly cutouts and are easy to hit. There are two surprises, one of which I’ll reveal: they take your photo before you enter, like it or not. (But you don’t have to buy it!). The other, I’m keeping secret, except to tell you that it occurs during the ride. Keep your guard up!

Three other dark attractions currently operate on the Wildwood amusement landscape: the portable Jersey Junkyard dark ride (left) and the Curse of the Mummy 3-D walk-through (below).
At left is Chamber of Checkers, a kids' walk-through. All three operate on Morey's Wild Wheels Pier at Spencer Ave.