Laff In The Dark T Shirt
Funhouse Frolics At Savin Rock
Tumble through two of the most iconic funhouses of Savin Rock, CT!
By Jeanne Bryan Insalaco
Lincoln Park - For The Time Of Your Life!
Lincoln Park's dark rides and funhouses and
its legendary artistic wizard come back to life!

By George Lacross
Once Upon A Rumpus
An in-depth journey into the history of the long-gone Pretzel dark ride that
once thrilled the patrons of Pennsylvania's Idlewild Park.

By Jennifer Sopko
The story of the greatest European creator of dark ride facades and stunts!

By Bill Luca
Fear Over The Falls Part 1
The Canadian Falls have long been fertile ground for dark attractions. In this installment
we explore the history of the single rail dark rides of that region.

By Adam Lopata
Creature Comforts!
A Rhode Island teenager acquires and lovingly restores a ride car
from a Bill Tracy attraction that operated before he was born

By George LaCross
HersheyPark - A Look Back To The Dark Ages
Our Hershey Park Dark Ride and Funhouse feature story has been revised and
expanded by its author, with additional historical information included.

By Stephen Oxenrider with Harry Michelson
Screech At The Beach
Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, NJ goes back to the future
and creates an instant classic - The Haunted House Dark Ride!.

By George LaCross
Growing Up and Splashing Down At Paragon Park
30 years after its closing, we revisit the amazing dark attractions of this classic park.

By George LaCross
Spook-A-Rama Strikes Back
Triumphing over a devastating hurricane and record-high flood waters,
read how Deno's Wonder Wheel Park rescued this Coney Island classic!

By George LaCross
Dark Side Of The Moon
Travel back in time to the former Crescent Park to experience its dark attractions including a one-of-a-kind dark ride designed by Bill Tracy.
By George LaCross
Paradise Lost: Old Orchard Beach and Noah's Ark
Join us as we revisit the old-time amusements, funhouses and dark rides
of one of the most legendary seaside resorts on the East Coast.
By Bill Luca
Crystal Beach Magic Palace
Revisit one of the best-loved funhouses of all time.
The Magic Palace at Crystal Beach, Ontario.
By Rick Doan
Remembering Crystal Beach's Laff In The Dark
One of the finest dark rides ever built has been gone for 20 years but lives on in the hearts of those who rode it. See it again and learn all about its history.
By Rick Doan
Tracy: Art Of Darkness
The most fascinating dark ride designer of all time - and one man's
odyssey to find the ghost that launched a million nightmares!
By Ralph Grassi
Playland After Dark
Climb aboard our time machine for a trip back to Rye's Playland Park in the 1930s. Join us as we take a walk through the past and explore long-gone funhouses - and, of course - Laff In The Dark!
By Bill Luca
William F. Cassidy - A Memorial Tribute
Laff In The Dark bids a fond farewell to former Pretzel Amusement Co. owner Bill Cassidy, the last of the classic dark ride builders from the "Golden Age of American Amusement Parks", and a truly nice guy.
Voyage Of the Ghost Ship
Kennywood Park's legendary Bill Tracy Ghost Ship rises from the deep -
and the ashes - to take you on one more cruise to Davy Jones' Locker!
By Ned Johnstone and Brian Gallo
Hell On Wheels!
Come On Down for a Hot Time at Dante's Inferno at Coney Island's Astroland Park!
By George LaCross
Raiding The LAST Ark
Explore the history of Britain's only Noah's Ark funhouse from stem to stern.
By Paul Beesley
Rocky Point's Era Of Terror
Remembering Rhode Island's Rocky Point Park and its menu of dark attractions
By John Malone and George LaCross
Saving Sal
San Francisco's Playland may be gone, but its most famous resident has come back to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It's a laffing matter!
By Bill Luca
Fear On The Pier
The dark history of Stillwalk Manor awaits you at the legendary amusement center of Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey
By Gary Heller with George LaCross
Still Spooky After 50 Years!
Coney Island's Classic Spook-A-Rama celebrates its 50th birthday at Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, as we present our third Laff Achievement Award!
Over A Barrel
Whalom Park in Massachusetts has been closed for five years, but their funhouse still stands. Laff In The Dark explores this classic walk-through.
By George LaCross
Send 'Em Out Laffing!
The story of the man who invented dark rides, and the business he built to make them, the Pretzel Amusement Ride Company.
By Bill Luca
A Walk On The Wildwood Side
New Jersey's Wildwood boardwalk and piers have been home to some of the great classic dark attractions over the years. We take a look at what's 'on board' these days.
By George LaCross
The Last Laff At Lake Compounce
Take a nostalgic trip back to Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT and the
fondly-remembered Laff In The Dark ride
that delighted park-goers for over forty years.
By Charlie Burnham
Fear and Fantasy
The history, business and art of pioneering dark ride stunt designer Van A. Olkon and the company he built - Animated Display Creators of Miami.
By Bill Luca
The Dark Past Of Dorney Park
The former owner of Dorney park shares his memories of the Whacky Shack, Bucket O' Blood and other attractions that once brought fun and thrills to Dorney's patrons.
By Bob Ott
The Haunted House - Trimper's Rides and Amusements
We explore one of the greatest surviving Bill Tracy-designed dark rides in existence.This multi-level extravaganza on the boardwalk of Trimper's Rides and Amusements in Ocean City, MD, contains almost every trick in the book.
By George LaCross
Pirates Cove at Trimper's Rides and Amusements
One of the last two operating Bill Tracy-built Pirates Cove walk-through funhouses. Join us at Trimper's in Ocean City, MD. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
By George LaCross
Laff In The Dark's Second Laff Achievement Award!
We pay tribute to Mr. Granville Trimper and Trimper's Rides of Ocean City, MD, home of two terrific Bill Tracy attractions: Haunted House dark ride and Pirates Cove funhouse!
Flying Witch Project
Laff in the Dark investigates this super three-level dark ride at Rye Playland, NY. Do you dare to join us?
By George LaCross
Fun in the Dark At Glen Echo Park
Laff in the Dark returns to this fondly remembered Washington, DC area park and its fine array of funhouse and dark ride attractions.
By Bill Luca
It may be the oldest operating Pretzel dark ride in existence! Still spooky since 1931! Join us as we visit SpookHouse, at Keansburg Amusement Park, NJ.
By George LaCross
The Legend Of Le Cachot
Kennywood's great Le Cachot may be gone forever, but Laff In The Dark
takes you back in time for another look at this classic Pretzel dark ride.
By George LaCross
Out Of This World!
Mountain Park in Holyoke, Massachusetts once had an impressive array of dark rides and funhouses. Learn about these great rides and the artists who created them.
By Jay Ducharme
Return to Zombie Castle
There's something Rotten in Rye! The classic Zombie Castle at Playand in Rye, NY gets a sinister makeover. Come on in...we'd love to have you for dinner!
By George LaCross
Savin Rock - Haven for Dark Attractions
Explore the dark attractions of what was once the largest amusement area in New England - Savin Rock, West Haven, CT.
By George LaCross
Kastle Frankenstein
The last little dark ride in Massachusetts awaits you at this perennial resort town on the shores of Salisbury Beach.
By Bill Luca
The Mine of Lost Souls
Take a picturesque trip through Canobie Lake Park's gold mine, but beware...things get spooky "Way down in the mine".
By George LaCross
Laff In The Dark's First Laff Achievement Award!
With admiration and gratitude, we proudly present our highest honor to
Mr. Bill Cassidy, whose Pretzel Amusement Ride Co. started it all!
My Gal Sal-The Story Of The Laughing Lady
You know the face, you know the laugh. She's the queen of the funhouse.
Now you're about to learn all about her.
By Bill Luca
Staten Island Funhouse
Although it may be the end of the line for this little Pretzel gem, you can still join us for one more ride.
By Bret Malone
Asbury Park Casino
It was a building full of amusement rides open year-round, and it also featured a Pretzel dark ride and a Circus Fun House. Step back in time and take a ride.
By Bret Malone
Asbury Park Palace
The story of the classic Asbury Park ride pavilion, companion to the Casino.
It may be long gone, but yes, you can go back again.
By Bret Malone
The Haunting of Sandy Lake
Among the many delights of this traditional family-owned park in Carrolton, Texas is a fine dark ride from the early days of the Pretzel Amusement Co.
By William Rutledge lll
The spectacular all-time thriller still rules in legendary Coney Island
By Bill Luca
Under The Boardwalk
The Haunted Castle and Cave Train Adventure Await You in Santa Cruz, CA
By Warren Crandall
Ghost Train
Thrilling riders since 1930 at England's famed Blackpool Pleasure Beach
By Neil Saunderson
Zombie Castle
A tribute to the last existing Laff In The Dark ride, at Playland Park, Rye, NY
By Bret Malone and George LaCross
Lost Funhouses
A look back at some classic walk-throughs from the days when fun was FUN!
By Jack McDougall
Haunted Hotel
The legendary evil inn at Pavillion Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, SC
By Bret Malone
Pretzel Logic
Remember your first dark ride? Memories of the original 1935 Pretzel Ride at Crescent Park, East Providence, RI by George LaCross
Terror on Gun Mountain
A Haunted Walk-Through in A Wild West Town in Cave City, KY by Rick Davis
The Dark Side of San Francisco's Playland
Thrills from the fondly remembered seaside amusement park by Ken Kaffke
Sylvan Beach Laffland Classic Pretzel
Time stands still at this beautiful lakeside park and its great original Pretzel ride

by Bret Malone
The Darkrides of Hunt's Pier
Dark attractions at the once great pier in New Jersey by Anthony Canzano
Laffing at Pontchartrain Beach
New Orleans, LA dark rides by Doug Ferguson
Classic Terror in the Lone Star State
The Ride and Laff at the State Fair of Texas by William Rutledge III
Sally Corporation: The Past, Present and Future
An exclusive Laff In The Dark interview and two ride reviews
Phantasmagoria at Bell's Amusement Park
A mid-western Bill Tracy dark ride by Rick Davis
Terror Comes A Calling: Funland's Haunted Mansion
A look at Funland's classic suspended dark ride by Bret Malone
The Dark Side of Lake George
The Tornado at The Great Escape and other "dark" attractions
George LaCross
The Noah's Ark Funhouse
History and workings of the funhouse once found everywhere by Joel Styer
The Dark Rides of Conneaut Lake Park
Traces the history complete up to Dr. Moriarity's ride by Rick Davis
Lost Dark Rides and Funhouses of Coney Island
Many of the great Coney Island dark rides by The Prince of Dark Rides
An interview with William Cassidy of Pretzel
Excellent interview with one of the industry leaders
conducted by Bret Malone
Darkrides and Funhouses of Canobie Lake Park
Follow the dark ride history of Canobie Lake Park
by Bill Luca
The Frightzone at Erieview Park
Traces the rides origins from Pittsburgh PA
by Bret Malone
Whacky Shack at Waldameer Park
The Bill Tracy-designed dark ride in Erie, PA
by Bret Malone
Pirate's Cove at Waldameer Park
Pirate's Cove and the Walk-Through funhouses of Bill Tracy
by Bret Malone
Flight To Mars
Follows the trail of the last Flight To Mars ride
by Bret Malone
Witch Castle at Salisbury Beach
The gone but not forgotten classic dark ride at Fun-O-Rama
by Rick Ciliberto
Crescent Park Riverboat - A Look Back
The once great dark ride in Rhode Island
by John Malone

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