Strolling onto the boardwalk we find one of the newest and most talked about attractions, the interactive dark ride Zombie World, designed by Shocktoberfest, Inc. In a previous life, this ride was the Monster Mash, an attraction that employed live actors. Reincarnated as Zombie World, it was given a post-apocalyptic theme. The Monster Mash ride system, originally installed in Tropworld Casino in Atlantic City before being brought to Wildwood, was retained. Passengers ride screened-in, box-shaped cars that travel on a conveyor.
There are no live actors now. In fact, there’s plenty of animated entertainment on the ride’s façade and in the loading area. The ride’s staff encourages boardwalkers to see both. Outside at the boardwalk entrance is a giant animatronic zombie that resembles a distant cousin to the Grim Reaper figure outside Coney Island’s Spook-A-Rama.

The Zombie World loading area is filled with carnage from the final World War. As the
story line goes, planet Earth was riddled with atomic bombs and now the living dead outnumber the humans 1000 to 1. You board a UAV (Underground Assault Vehicle) armed with a laser gun and travel through a collapsed subway station and toxic sewer system to help the Alliance of Humans narrow down the zombie population.
If you like interactive shooting games, this is
a must, as the animated zombie targets are quick and elusive. Riders/players can check their scoring on Zombie World's web site.