Okay, I’m saving the best for last. We all know that the Golden Nugget closed in 1998 with Dinosaur Beach. And yes, the Moreys have confirmed that they are considering moving it from its original location near Poplar Avenue, restoring and reopening it. Several coaster companies have expressed interest, including Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, who installed the ride on Hunts Pier in 1960.
Laff In The Dark recently investigated the interior of this revered ride and found many of Bill Tracy’s classic stunts still in place albeit with dinosaurs added by the Dinosaur Beach folks. In Tracy’s oncoming train scene, your train appears to be on a collision course with another. The “victims” in the dummy lead car have been joined by a T-Rex. An up-close look at the two passengers revealsTracy’s attention to facial and body expressions.

Another Tracy figure, probably a miner, had been redeployed to do battle with a dinosaur. Several other
pieces of Tracy work are intact and unaltered including a giant spider and a giant bat.
A surprise discovery was a caveman figure designed by the former Animated Display Creators
firm of Miami, Florida. He's a veteran of the old Devil's Inn dark ride.