Down on the loading platform, it was interesting to note that the ride still employed hand brakes over the years. Another artifact was the initials of longtime Hunt's employee Louie Vendittelli carved into the façade every year he operated the ride. Louie also maintained the Nugget, working the pier for Hunt's since the early 60s.
Above: Station and first lift hill.
Left: Loading area and brake handles.
Above: Ralph Grassi, George LaCross and Bill Luca stand atop the
Golden Nugget.

Left: View from behind the Nugget building.

Laff In The Dark hopes to see the Golden Nugget reopen with the outstanding circa 1960 work of PTC’s
John Allen and the creations of Bill Tracy fully restored to their former glory for devoted fans and newcomers.

So there you have it, a walk on the Wildwood side of dark attractions.
Here’s to Wildwood reclaiming its glorious “dark” past moving forward.

The author would like to thank:

Jack and Will Morey and Steve Valenti of Morey's Piers
for their cooperation and hospitality.

Special thanks to our friend and Wildwood historian, Ralph Grassi, for providing guidance and
material. Visit Funchase,
his excellent Wildwood web site.

Larry Kirchner, Halloween Productions

Chris Mento

Jim Melonic

George LaCross, Bill Luca,
Ralph Grassi, Chris Mento.
Dr. Blood's interior photos: Larry Kirchner

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