After narrowly getting doused by a waterfall, a huge skull with glowing eyes is glaring at you. If that doesn’t stop you there’s a posted wooden sign; the words “Go back” carved into it..
Suddenly, Jeremiah Jones appears. “No, don’t come any further!” he warns.” And with that, he transforms into the Grim Reaper who declares, “ Too late! You’ve come too far! Now you are mine!”

Was Jones really the Grim Reaper in disguise? Or did the Reaper snatch his soul? The suspense builds as your cart rolls deeper into the mine. You head into a crypt where a crazed miner foolishly attempts to steal a coffin. Crypt drawers open and close. Around the bend, you make a starling discovery: The decayed remains of Bobby and Billy Hollander - the family name engraved in the wall which they’re entombed. “Hey, visitors! New friends to play with!” a menacing unknown voice announces.

No time to play. You’ve just made a new discovery: An ancient Egyptian tomb, guarded by a talking Pharaoh bust, a mummy and two cobras. The bust announces that you’ve been cursed. The mummy reaches for your throat.