Riding into the narrow mine shaft, you’re greeted by a crusty, but friendly old mining foreman with a SwampYankee accent. “Welcome. Hold on. Oh, Bernie, hold on blasting. There’s friends along here.”
“What’s that you say? asks an unseen co-worker at the base of the mine. “There’s friends along here,” the foreman repeats. “Right boss. He says it’s all clear!” responds the co-worker. "Okay, ready".

Fire in the hole!” yells an unseen third miner. With that, there’s an explosion causing a huge rock to fall from the top of a ledge towards your mining car. You narrowly escape into the water basin once occupied by the pirate ship in the ride’s first rendition.

It’s now the home to a ragtag team of miners harmonizing as they work and play.

The lyrics include:

One strike, two strikes,
three strikes, four

Lift that pick and strike that ore
We got gold we got gold
Way down in the mine

Sometimes you can here a scream
Is it real or just a dream?
It's best that you not venture far

Way down in the mine



First, there’s the custodian stoking up a boiler to keep his comrades warm.

A wide-eyed miner, a stunt with a stainless steel frame, emerges in a mining cart of his own, showering in a waterfall, while another old timer plays chess with the skeletal remains of his opponent.“
"Jake, I could really use a coffee, how about you?” the player asks in a slow baritone voice. “Hold on there Jake. I almost got this figured out.” Apparently, it’s taken him a while to figure out his next move, considering Jake’s deteriorated condition.
Around the bend a foolish miner lights
a stick of dynamite, setting off a small explosion,
which cause unseen rocks to splash in
the basin (executed by water cannons).
They say that past the waterfall

The devil waits for you to call.

Are demons lurking after all?

Way down in the mine
And for you the rider, all hell is about to break loose.