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Greetings Dark Ride and Fun House Fans!

Chances are you found Laff In The Dark by searching for some kind of information on those old, spooky rides you loved while you visited the amusement parks of your youth. Welcome...you've come to the right place!

As you navigate your way around our site, you'll take many nostalgic trips into a fondly-remembered past, some of which is happily still alive today. Our goal is to keep those memories alive, and to help keep the existing dark rides and funhouses operating so that they can be enjoyed by succeeding generations for many more years to come.

Laff in the Dark was the first website dedicated to dark rides and funhouses. We have developed a huge international network of fans and feature the greatest collection of dark ride and funhouse information ever assembled. The site was founded because we realized that while there are many websites devoted to roller coasters, carousels, and amusement parks in general, information on our favorite spooky rides was very scarce. So, through our own research and the generous sharing of information and photos from our many visitors, Laff In The Dark has become "World Headquarters for Dark Ride Fans"!

Here at Laff in the Dark, we've not only documented many rides, builders and artists from the past and present, we've also guided a huge number of our visitors to rides that exist today, thereby helping to ensure that those rides continue to operate and stay healthy and scary!

We want to encourage all of you to share your comments, photos and memories of riding through a tunnel full of witches and skeletons, trying to negotiate a rotating barrel, a mirror maze or a tilted room, being mesmerized by good old Laffing Sal, or any other memories or information about these very special and uniquely creative rides that you might have.

And finally, we give our warmest thanks to all of you who have made Laff In The Dark the great success that it has become, through your visits and your contributions. We also want to give special thanks to the many amusement parks and ride owners who have graciously provided access and allowed us to document their attractions.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to do our best to keep all dark ride and funhouse fans "Laffing in the Dark"!

Bill Luca
George LaCross
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