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  Knoebels Haunted House has been thrilling dark ride fans for over 30 years. In this new DVD from Laff In The Dark, you'll walk the track through the eerie corridors of this classic ride guided by Knoebels Haunted House Supervisor Dave Wynn.
  Also featured are interviews with park president Dick Knoebel who shares details about the design and construction of the Haunted House, and
Knoebels Amusement Park Resort
John Fetterman, designer of Knoebels Twister coaster
one of the first Haunted House ride operators.
Haunted House
You'll also learn about the cars and sound effects AND take two full rides - first, in the dark and then with the lights on.
dark ride
Laff In The Dark DVD
Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA blends old-fashioned rides with super-thrilling coasters, plus two popular campgrounds and a gorgeous golf course. There's a huge swimming pool, entertainment, museums, free admission and free parking. It's family-friendly, affordable - and dogs are allowed! For a fun-filled vacation
in a beautiful natural setting, there's no place like Knoebels!
Knoebels Haunted House DVD

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Behind The Scenes At
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