It’s overwhelming.
When you think about the number of dark attra
ctions that have come and gone from the boardwalk and piers of Wildwood, better think about downing a number of aspirins too.
Gone is Bill Tracy’s famous Whacky Shack, the Skua pirate ship, Jungle Land and the Castle Dracula attraction, not to mention at least four Pretzel dark rides.
If I missed any, I did so intentionally because it’s time to move on. Time to think about the present and the future of Wildwood.
Dark days are ahead ….and I mean that in a good way!
Over on Morey’s Mariner's Landing Pier at Schellenger Avenue is an Old Mill-type attraction named Pirates of The Wildwoods. Reverchon installed the ride as
Enchanted Forest about a decade ago.
More recently , this ride was given a more sinister theme as "Dark River", but for 2004, Halloween Productions completely revamped it as a 3-D pirate adventure.
Riders wear special 3-D glasses to enjoy the total effect.
Above: Interior scenic views. At right, rear of building shows the old Dark River sign.