Strolling onto the boardwalk we find one of the newest and talked about attractions, the interactive dark ride Zombie World, designed by Shocktoberfest, Inc. In a previous life, this ride was the Monster Mash, an attraction that employed live actors. Reincarnated as Zombie World, it was given a post-apocalyptic theme. The Monster Mash ride system, originally installed in Tropworld Casino in Atlantic City before being brought to Wildwood, was retained. Passengers ride screened-in, box-shaped cars that travel on a conveyor.

Elevated micro switches trigger all Dante’s stunts. However, that’s likely to change next season should the ride be rethemed. Laff In The Dark had the opportunity to discuss the various options for future renovations with owner Jack Morey during a walk-through of the ride. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments.
Above left: Resident Engineer Steve Valenti. Center top: The Vampire is the sole surviving original Dante's stunt, awaiting resurrection in Morey's workshop. Center bottom: David Ciciora, Assistant Director of
Attraction Maintenance and Bill Luca examine Dante's construction blueprints.
Above right: Jack Morey of Morey's Piers.