After stumbling over the moving planks, patrons would navigate a descending, winding ramp back to the first floor, where they'd encounter yet another obstacle - three rows of moving floors. Again, they'd have to hang onto to handrails, as the whole floor panel would shift backwards and forwards beneath them. Recognizing that most folks would have rubber legs after completing this obstacle course, the park installed benches at the entrance of the next challenge, The Arcade.
The expansive floor of The Arcade accentuated the Fun in Fun House. For starters, it had a wooden Barrel of Fun and a classic spinning wheel similar to the Human Roulette Wheel at Coney Island's long gone Steeplechase Park. Then there was the Toggle Woggle - an open wooden box from which patrons escaped by teeter tottering on unbalanced floorboards, and the Turkey Trot - a long and narrow path with an oscillating floor. The Arcade was overseen by The Controller, an employee seated in a loft high above
the action. He had the power to lift ladies skirts with blasts of air or to stop the revolving Barrel of Fun if patrons misbehaved - simply by pushing buttons on his control panel. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of The Controller's job was
manipulating the Spinning Wheel. Once patrons were seated on the wooden disk, he'd set the "game" in motion.
As the wheel spun faster, riders, one
by one, lost their grips and slid against the padded walls. The last person was
in for the shock of his life, literally. A
mild electric shock sent to the handgrips forced the poor soul to let go and join the others against the padded wall.
Of course, what Fun House would be complete without a Laffing Lady, distorted mirrors and a slide? Whalom's had all three. The Laffing Lady was a somewhat heavier relative of the famous Old King Cole's Laffing Sal. While the origin of Whalom's Lady is unknown, Whalom patrons fondly remember her gyrating and cackling inside a display case near the entrance. The steep wooden slide had patrons make their descent on burlap sacks.

Sadly, the Lady, the mirrors and slide are gone. Only remnants of the Spinning Wheel and Turkey Trot remain. The Controller has long since retired - his rusty control box still intact. The Spinning Wheel no longer spins. It's now occupied by a ghostly stunt. The Barrel of Fun is the only surviving operating trick from The Arcade.