Above left: Bob McKendry shares a close encounter with a skeleton.
Above right: Werewolf figure, similar to one in Trimpers Haunted House.
Above left: An employee family member stands at ship's wheel outside ADA shop.
Above right: View of workshop benches and stunt parts.
Above left: Scenic construction of a castle archway before being painted.
Above right: These appear to be textural wall panel molds.
Above left: Eli Lashley applies fiberglas to figure, possibly for Castle Dracula on Nickel's Midway Pier.
Above right: A rare miniature version of the Whacky Shack produced by Tracy around 1963 to
promote the new dark ride on Hunt's Pier. This one-of-a-kind model was originally exhibited
at the Strand Theater in Wildwood and is currently housed in the Ralph Grassi collection.
Above: Original Tracy giant skull mold shown with owner Eric Princz of Creative Design and Engineering.