The circa 1961 Lincoln Park and Mountain Park cars featured a native warrior's mask on the front in keeping with both rides' original jungle theme. The cars were painted and retrofitted with restraints for their service in Nightmare Manor.
The transportation hardware from the two double-decker dark rides were a perfect fit for Nightmare Manor, which like the former Lincoln Park and Mountain Park rides, had a brief trek over the balcony.

According to Ed Petrill, extra track and cars were kept as replacements, in storage near the Manor building.

Photo by Jay Ducharme
Photo by George LaCross
Ed recalls that Gary Sware and his daughter produced many of the original stunts.

When Bob Bennett purchased Nightmare Manor years later, he commissioned Mechanical Displays, Inc. of Brooklyn, New York to bring in some new "guests."

Photos: Mechanical Displays, Inc.

Mechanical Displays owner Lou Nasti installed a number of gruesome gadgets including its famous Butcher Shop scene in which a screaming, vomiting victim is dismembered in a torture chamber filled with severed limbs. Among the other gags were a graveyard scene, a howling werewolf and a menacing devil's head which belched out compressed air.

"The head was all fiberglas." Recalls Nasti. "It would roar, then an air hose would hit riders. Just enough to scare them, not to hurt them. It was at the end of the course, so people were coming off the ride scared. It was a real selling point for getting people back in."          Photos: Mechanical Displays, Inc.