At the entrance, the floor pitches downward. The cars pass through these skid brakes to keep them from coasting too fast into the curves.
This animatronic creature warns everyone to: "Keep your hands to yourself...that is, IF you want to keep them at all!"
From Halloween Productions of St. Louis, Missouri 
Above: one of the earliest Spook-A-Rama stunts, this was originally a huge Frankenstein monster which pulled itself forward when cars passed. Later re-themed as this alien creature.
Left: opening in alien's skull shows interior of Celastic skin covering.
Right: The original Frankenstein monster head of this stunt while under construction.
Reflectors positoned on the floor to return electric eye beam to sensor switches.
'The Intruder' A new addition to the 'Spook' family from Distortions Unlimited.
Car-activated floor microswitch. Other stunts are activated by motion detectors.
 Fiendish piano player; originally at Rockaway.
The Mummy, an original Spook-A-Rama stunt.
Solenoid atop coffin pushes figure forward. An original Spook-A-Rama stunt.

Views of Spook-A-Rama Track Layout
Pretzel ride layouts were notable for their labrynthian track curvature which was as much a feature of the ride experience as were the stunts. Even by those standards, the Spook-A-Rama/Pretzel configuration is unequalled in its complexity, containing very little straight track. Imagine what it was like when Spook-A-Rama first opened and your car was rotating alternately in one direction, then the other as it lurched back and forth, snaking its way through the spectacle of nightmarish sights and sounds.