. And the winner...Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, walking away with Sal when the gavel fell at $50,000. Playland, the Pike and Venice are long gone, but SCBB still thrives as a California Historic Landmark and a glorious blend of hundred-year old architecture, modern attractions and vintage rides spanning the mile-long beach and
. boardwalk. The park's devotion to history and tradition made it an ideal home for Sal, reuniting her with her legion of admirers.
Early photos of Boardwalk rides including the Giant Dipper coaster and the Looff Carousel. Both rides are still in operation at the park.
  Top right: Frolicking in the funhouse barrel Middle: Early model Wild Mouse coaster.
  Top left: 1911 Looff Carousel.
Middle: Giant Dipper loading station.
Bottom: Early Auto Skooter.
  Left: "The Plunge" swimming pavilion.