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Sal in a Zippy comic strip, probably inspired by a visit to Cliff House in San Francisco.

Above: Host Jack Palance enjoys a laugh with Sal in an episode of 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' which was filmed at the antique arcade machine collection of Dr. James Smith in Greenwich, CT.

Left: The same Sal at the Sotheby's auction in 1994 of Dr. Smith's collection. This Sal was claimed to have been from Palisades Park.

Above: Scene from video with Christine Aguilera 'What A Girl Wants'. A Laffing Sam painted and dressed as a clown can be seen in the background.
Scenes from 1953 film "Man In The Dark", filmed near Pacific Ocean Pier in Venice, CA. Laffing Sal plays a prominent role as the catalyst for an amnesiac's memory.
Lower right frame: Stars Audrey Totter and Edmond O'Brien stand in front of another PTC funhouse in the Venice amusement area.
The author and 'extended family' Sal and Sam

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Dennis Atkinson, owner of Memory Lane Arcade
Pete Szikura
Joel GAzis-SAx and Emperor Norton's Web Frontier
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