Barely lit from below, this scene left riders wondering if they were indeed making a trip to that unholy place. Combined with all the racket generated in that room by the dual chain-lifts' machinery, any screams for help were soon obscured from the outside world. Nothing left to do but throw your head back and hold on tight as you plowed onward and upward, your car's steep ascent almost over. After your vehicle abruptly levels off, more Grade-A classic dark ride stunts are awaiting you on the castle's second story. The first was Tracy's Torture Chamber scene, where a masked torturer stretched a male victim on a rack while a damsel in chains screamed hysterically and another male victim, bound to the ceiling by his feet, watched helplessly.
Watch out for that glowing Giant Spider as it attempted a landing right on top of your car, amidst all those pressurized air hisses and squeals.

The Mad Scientist was next as the good doctor performed an evil experiment on his patient.

Mrs. Bates of the movie Psycho fame (a modified version of Knit Whit) and several ghoulish scenes fill every corner as you wind your way through the darkness. You are allowed two chances to catch your breath and wave below to your friends, as you pop out twice over the park's midway on the second level balconies. But if you thought your ride was over just because you've seen the sun shining, you were very wrong.

They were not through with you yet

Once back inside, you were quickly confronted with the poor soul hanging from the gallows - his neck extending as you passed him. Then, your little electric car was yanked down the opposing lift hill, to the first floor, back to the place where this all began. Just when you thought you were finally headed for the door, the vehicle sharply veered to the right - away from the ride's entrance and what you knew was the outside world.

Sorry, but there were a few more twists and turns awaiting you in the back half of the first floor. An unintended scare occurred when the ride ops occasionally left the light on in the electrical room here. The disconcerting sight of all those switches and power meters left you wondering just what you were doing inside this place.

Bumping through double doors you returned to more twisted Tracy torture. To your right as Tracy's controversial damsel on the table saw scene, otherwise known as the Saw Mill stunt.
To your left was a victim leaning over a rail vomiting into a bloody waterfall - clearly a modified rendition of Tracy's pirate heaving over the deck scene. Next to him was a poor soul with double trouble - he met his fate by being hanged and stabbed!

Next, it was on to a graveyard scene where the two coffin occupants just can't seem to keep a "lid" on it. Maybe because Tracy's famous, voluptuous, scantily clad Vamp figure standing between the two coffins, made them rise to the occasion.

1 Following the graveyard scene was arguably the most innovative trick of its time, the Viking stunt. As you banged through the double doors, you encountered a burly Viking some 30 feet straight ahead, guarding his fortress (a cleverly illustrated wall behind him). The Viking tried to alert intruders by blasting his wicker horn, but you didn't heed his warnings. Instead, your car sideswiped the Viking, pushing him off to the right.  

It took riders several expeditions through the Castle to uncover the secret behind the stunt - the car actually collided with a reinforced fiberglass rock on which the Viking stood. This rock, set on wheels, was attached to a spring. When the car hit the rock, it caused the Viking to budge to the right, and then return to its point of origin. Sadly, the Viking was removed after two years of operation. Rumor has it that the trick succumbed to vandals who repeatedly reached out and punched the figure.

The park's crew replaced the Viking with a half insect/half man creature which was set back along side of the long corridor. For one season, this "Bugman" lurched forward at unsuspecting riders. Apparently, it too became a target of savvy vandals and was deactivated.


Next up, flashing lights and the flying Giant Bat big enough to fill any belfry blocked your way as you careened through another set of banging doors.

Then suddenly, finally, you could see sunlight peeking through those last two sets of doors, and you told yourself there cannot be another square foot of space you haven't invaded inside this house of horror. This time it was no trick and as the car slowed down, daylight welcomed you back to the real world.

You could take your hands off your ears and open your eyes, smile at the patrons waiting to embark on the next ride

You had survived the Castle of Terror.