According to local legend, it all began in the spring of 1971. That’s when visitors to Rye, New York’s Playland Park started hearing strange sounds. Sirens, wailing, and chirping - all coming from a large, rectangular building. The curious and brave tried to uncover the origin of these mysterious noises. They boarded vessels resembling the heads of ferocious beasts and were swept away into the darkness, emerging minutes later babbling incoherently. The cautious chose to stand and watch, taking note of the building’s guardian: A witch smiling slyly as she hovered over the boarding area.
     As the years passed, the building emitted more blood-curdling sounds; baffling declarative statements such as, “I’ll eat your brains!” “It’s alive!,” and “Off with it!” These developments prompted a new legion of explorers to venture into the darkness. Those who returned could only utter two words: “Flying Witch.” Were these horrified souls referring to the witch overhead? Or was it something inside the building that put them in an eternal state of shock? Nobody dared to investigate, lest they too become victims of the Flying Witch.

It wasn’t until April 2003 that an adventurous duo from New England, with an exclusive story on their minds, set off to investigate the lore of The Flying Witch. They entered the rectangular building and were never heard from again.

However, weeks later, a park groundskeeper made a remarkable discovery along the park midway, not far from the building.

Glistening in the early morning sun were various cameras, a camcorder, a notebook and enough battery power to light up nearby New York City.

Alongside this small pile was a CD-Rom.

The groundskeeper gathered the articles and brought them to his supervisor, who immediately loaded the CD-Rom is his office PC. There was but one file on the disk, slugged “Witch.”
The supervisor opened it.

What follows is what he and his groundskeeper saw that day.

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