The Frightzone
Erieview Park - Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH

By Bret Malone
Photos by Rick Davis

The Fright ZoneErieview Park, located on the shores of the lake by the same name in northern Ohio, is the home of one of the most historic and fascinating Dark Rides currently running. "The Fright Zone" was an earlier ride built at the long defunct, Pennsylvania park, West View. Originally built in 1963 by Dark Ride great "Bill Tracey", it was as first known simply as "Haunted House". Cars were designed by the Allen Hershel Company. The earlier facade featured a Tracey favorite in the early 1960's, a large bat and several of his classic warped and distorted steeples. When West View closed down in late 1977, the ride was sold to Erieview Park. This is a Bill Tracey shrine alive and well thanks to the very caring park staff and ownership. The whole ride was given a face lift a few years back with a brand, spanking new floor included as well as refurbishment to the stunts. Even the old West View candy colored dotted steeples are still lovingly in place on the roof, much like the original ride had. Favorites among enthusiasts are: the ride area and operations map, the #19 "Head Slinger" flying head stunt, and the #31 Torture Chamber stunt among others. For all of you that cherish fine works of art, here is another that has been overlooked too many times. A very special thanks for the fine management and ownership at Erieview for preserving classic Dark Ride art, a.k.a. the "Bill Tracey" style. We will have much more on Tracey, one of the most prolific and ground breaking designers and artists in a future article. For now, please enjoy the following photos
Photos are 1998 Rick Davis and used with permission.
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