In 2005, Astroland management decided to fill in some of Dante’s nooks and crannies with stunts obtained from The Scare Factory of Columbus, Ohio. The new stunts included captive victims, a vampire partially transformed into a bat, and zombies.
None of Nasti’s stunts were removed although a ghost, which sprang out at riders via a garage door opener, and a static Frankenstein’s monster both left the building.
Façade figures, including skeleton warriors and a werewolf, were added to serve notice of the changes inside.
The loading area also received a facelift as the original illustrations were painted over with the likes of dragons, a mad scientist and the Grim Reaper holding the Medusa's severed head.
The park retained the ride’s original cars which are red with demonic faces in both the front and back. The bench space is realtively small; barely wide enough to hold two adults. But the cars ride smooth thanks to two oversized rear rubber tires. Nylon guide wheels secure the front end to the track while armatures hang below the sides to pick up current.