In 1936, Percy Metcalfe an associate of Joseph Emberton (known in England as a pioneer of modern architecture) was brought it to revamp the ark to the cubist style. The new animals were ready for placing on the Ark in February and March 1936.

For the 1937 season a train of animals was also added to the top of the mountain as well as the familiar sight of the policeman, although in the cubist (boxy) style; not the style we see him today. Noah was also given a pet dog at this time. In all, 24 animals were involved in this conversion to cubist style.
Metcalfe continued working for Leonard Thompson up to 1957 designing the costumes for the Ice Show at the Pleasure Beach between 1941 and 1957. It’s interesting to note that Metcalfe was also responsible for designing the Irish currency.

Coincidently, 1936 marked the last year a Noah’s Ark was installed. By then, the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (now Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters), had acquired the rights to build the Arks, and produced the very last one at Kennywood in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. The Kennywood Ark, completely refurbished in 1969 and again in1996-97, is the only operating Ark in North America.