Leroy Raymond's Noah's Ark patent, showing drawing samples of the structure.
Marge McElroy, granddaughter of Leroy Raymond, recently told Laff In The Dark that her grandfather had more than one trick up his sleeve. “My grandpa was a very clever man,” recalls Marge. “He also had a walk-through called Puzzletown and one called the City Jail. They were all similar in that they had numerous ups and downs, and were all dark!”
Shortly after obtaining the patent, Raymond sold the manufacturing rights to renowned carousel manufacturer William Dentzel. Following this transaction, the ride was duplicated many times by Dentzel’s Noah’s Ark Company at parks
throughout the United States and in other countries. Locations included Revere Beach, MA, Old Orchard, ME, Playland Park, Rye, NY and Steeplechase Park, Coney Island, NY.
Above and left: three black and white photos show various stages of the sequence of construction of the Noah's Ark that was located in Idora Park, Oakland, CA.

This ark is believed to have been built in 1920, the second ark to be installed after Venice.