A Friend is Leaving us.         There is nothing you or I can do. It has survived countless names, locations and history, but now its charms are not good enough for the neighborhood it has peacefully co-existed in for many years. The only small good bit of news is that the owners are going to be selling it as one complete ride to hopefully an Amusement park that will continue to operate it as a working Dark Ride. It wont be broken up or sold "piecemeal", so it has a chance to run once more, spinning its charms upon a more deserving locality and future new patrons. Its current neighborhood, once a Mecca in the amusement industry is now  largely a residential area with upscale Townhouses and Condos. By the time you will have read this, the last ride will have  been given, the lights  turned off for the final time, the ride is now silent awaiting a new home. So sit back and enjoy a good bit of reading about a Dark Ride classic that, at least in its present location, will never run again. And maybe if we are lucky, the owners will give us Laff In The Dark fans one final ride.


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