Roseland Amusement Park was built in 1925-1926 along the routes of
5 and 20 at Canandaigua Lake, the the famous Finger Lakes area of upper NY state. This was one of the first amusement parks built specifically to be accessible by the automobile instead of being a traditional train ortrolley park. Originally called “Lakeside Amusement Park”, it was built by William Muar of Rochester NY on an 8 acre parcel of land. Mr. Muar invested $34,000 dollars into the park, and changed its name to Roseland that would, at first, feature a gas station, hot dog stand and a large popular dance hall.
  Muar collected commissions from the park's few rides that were
brought in by concessionaires each summer. This would allow him to eventually buy his own equipment starting in 1935. The big and most famous purchase was a large carousel bought to Roseland in 1942. Mr. Muar partnered up with George Long of nearby Seabreeze Park to bring the carousel to Roseland that was built in 1909 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company - PTC No. 18. This is STILL the ride that fans remember the most.
Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel No. 18. Left: At Roseland Park. Right: At its present location in Destiny USA Mall, Syracuse, NY.
Maur would go onto add more space to the park, filling in the marshland across the road in order to expand. Rides added then included several kiddie rides, a ferris wheel, Loop-The-Loop and a new popular miniature golf course, which was becoming another American leisure activity. Morgan “Mickey” Hughes was another concessionaire who helped to bring in newer rides and was better known for both being the largest ride importer of flashy European Rides, showcased at the now defunct Palisades Park, and in his later days, owner of Williams Grove Park and Speedway, also defunct in PA.
  Another 25 acres of property was added and a new Rose Bush Garden that featured a mile and a half train ride that leisurely went through the gardens. Bumper Cars, a long-time park staple were also added. Roseland's biggest investment happened in 1960 with the debut of the PTC built Skyliner Roller Coaster, a John Allen designed ride that had a double “L” shaped out and back layout with a 65’ first drop and about 2500’ track length. This ride was another partnership between Mr. Maur and James Miller who was another concessionaire.

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