Wayne paid homage to one of Tracy’s most popular stunts, the Giant Rat. Here we see it from the drawing board through fabrication to its current home on top of a box of cheese, scaring off riders thinking about stealing a slice!
While Wayne has been getting lots of praise on Gillian’s Facebook page for his work on the Haunted House Dark Ride, he’s quick to recognize others who worked on the project.

“Jay Gillian has to be given the lion’s share because he had the foresight and enthusiasm to take on such a large in-house project and that leads to all the others from Wonderland which include Mike Clearkin, John Kavchok III, Steve Doughten, Steve Schmidt, Chris Notos, Patrick Berenato and my artistic assistant Kriss Larcher.”

Come this spring, the Haunted House Dark Ride will make its debut in earnest at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. And somewhere from the black-lit corridors of the heavens, Bill Tracy will be smiling down on it.

Right: Even Wayne’s artistic assistant
Kriss Larcher made the Haunted House
lineup with Wayne’s ghoulish portrait of her.
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