A gallery of some of the figural art created by Sally Corp. as seen in the recently opened Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Haunted Castle.
Upper left: Master of the Guillotine exhibits highly realistic skin texture.
Upper right: The classic Floating Ghost, a hovering spectre bathed in eerie blue lighting.
Bottom left: A ravenous rat threatens from a bowl of pasta.
Bottom right: A row of stone-like gargoyles dispenses a blast of air at passing riders.
Rich Hill, Sally Corporation's lead designer for the Haunted Castle, described how he and his team approached the project: "It was my goal to translate the style of the designs done by R&R Creative as closely as possible for our production shop. This required breaking down every scene into its most basic form, and figuring out which characters and props would be custom sculptures and which would be cast from existing molds. Basic specification sheets were then created for each element, explaining any details that were crucial to the final look and show action of the ride. The specification sheets were then given to our Art Finish, Scenic Painting , Sculpting, Mold Making, Mechanical, Carpentry and Electronics Departments to use as a guide while creating the characters, props and effects. Then, I worked closely with Todd Gillrup, vice-president of  production, and the  department supervisors, giving art direction to assure the overall vision was carried out effect-
ively. The Haunted Castle characters and critters were a great mix of scary and whimsy...
exactly the kind of animatronic characters that we at Sally love to 'sink our teeth into'!"

From Concept to Completion

All figures and displays were drawn up to show the construction and action requirements.

Right: Illustration and specification sheet for Wine Keeper animated display.

Below: Finished rendering of the display in the Sally studio workshop.