Above left: Concept drawing for dark ride proposal.  Right: potty-trained chimp and clown figures.
   "Down another hall I entered Van's office...all I can say is that it was a time capsule from the late fifties early sixties. We exited the small cramped office spaces and entered the warehouse through a set of double doors. (The offices had low drop ceilings and the warehouse ceiling was at least 20 feet high). What I saw next left an impression on me that I'll never forget..."

Far left: Kevin Arrow holds an ADC animated baby figure.

Center-right: Figure showing internal armature and two other heads made by ADC, from the Kevin Arrow collection.

Kevin Arrow photos 
   "I entered the warehouse and my jaw dropped at the sight of approximately 5000 square feet full of animated displays: a pile of Santa Clauses and elves, a monkey on a toilet, lions, bears, alligators, a 13 foot tall waving China man, cows, pigs, a small display of the history of torture and slavery, a few mermaids, doll houses, fake fur, wax food molds, and parts of unassembled bodies, heads, hands, feet, shoes, and clothes. There was a locked room at the back of the warehouse which Van opened to reveal his collection of toys dating to the early 20th century...words can't adequately describe it all."

  Above left: An eccentric clientele waits in the ADC lobby.
  Right: Van Olkon in his workshop - 1995.